The Black Watch: The Journal of Unconscious Psychology and Self-Psychoanalysis

Truth is


This archive contains the total volume of information available for download.  The subjects of Native Psychoanalysis, Depth Neuroscience and the Quantitative Unconscious are detailed and extensive.  This site will extend its informational and theoretical grasp to encompass these difficult subjects, which include within their province, every uncomfortable and overly direct truth Please return to this page and check, as it is here that the depth will be available, which will address all subjects, find the answers, and do what is never done: speak the name aloud!  From the unconscious to molestation, and all which lies in between, all that is never spoken of, all that hides in cowardice and shame, will be cleansed––here. 

Truth is.


Nine Short Essays and Native Psychoanalysis––a Non-Elliptical Technique: Necessary Background Information Basic to Native Psychoanalysis.

Who Fired Prometheus? 

The historical genesis and ontology of super-ego and the castration complex: The destructuralization and repair of modern personality.  An essay in five parts.

Here is the idea which will give direct scientific demonstration and quantitative empirical certainty to the bastard child of the sciences: Psychology.  At last––Psychology has come of age.

The Quantitative Unconscious: A Psychoanalytic Perturbation-Theoretic
Approach to the Complexity of Neuronal Systems in the Neuroses.

Please enjoy this paper detailing the surprising depth psychology underlying Christopher Langan's CTMU (The Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe).  Is there a linear empirical approach to a self-contained self-referential tautology?  The ontology of the CTMU explained!

The Ontology of Christopher Langan's Psychical Physics: The
Neuropsychology of the Atemporal Recursive Processes––an
empirical framework.

Mind Body Syndrome, a generally unrecognized diagnosis founded by
Dr. John Sarno under the name of Tension Myositis Syndrome, is
characterized by a perplexing
conflagration of painful symptomatic
complaints expressed by patients, which are unaccompanied by any
current active demonstrable organic basis.  This syndrome is

however, quite real, and can be understood through the application
of unconscious psychology.

Mind Body Syndrome––the unconscious constellation: Condensation,
abreaction and dissociative-repression in the genesis and disbandment
of Tension Myositis Syndrome

Re-Polarization Theory is an extension of Freudian transference theory which allows present experience to be altered by two means: 1. reconsolidation of the neocortical mnemic store, and 2. alteration of the experiential template which defines experience via transference.  Through specific example and detailed theoretical discussion, techniques are disclosed whereby memories from the earliest periods of development can be accessed, and the past itself may be remolded.  The brain circuitry which provides fundamental affective balance to personality is defined, and methods disclosed which allow these circuits to be energized through a manual symbolic key.  Trauma such as rape and molestation may be "purified," allowing the energies to directly enter consciousness, and fuel experience.  A new structure for personality is proposed: sublimation by integration.  This paper is written for those who wish to use self-psychoanalysis, and therapists alike.  All of our energies, even our pain may benefit us.  Now, there is hope.

Re-Polarization Theory: From Native Psychoanalysis to Sublimation––The Practical Reconstruction of Modern Personality

Short essays:

SSRI drug withdrawal has profound consequences for civilized society.  The Pharmacology of Murder: SSRI Drugs, Hysterical Psychosis, 5-HT and Repression.

Creativity is a substitute symptom intelligable as psychology and neuroscience.  A Novel Idea: From Symptom to Sublimation.

Parable of aging and opportunity:  The Break of Night.

Parable of depth.  The Black Mirror.