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Oregon resident Rich Norman, editor in chief of The Black Watch: The Journal of Unconscious Psychology and Self-Psychoanalysis, is a writer and musician with degrees in philosophy and music. Known as “The Laughing Recluse,” he is the author of books spanning philosophy, psychology, and novels, with topics ranging from psychoanalytic theory to existential philosophy, verse and fiction.

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Published and unpublished books:


This New Day: Self Creation––The Wisdom of an Idiot.  Standing Dead Publications, published 2009.  Philosophy/Psychology book covering: The psychology behind the myth of hell; the genesis of the creative drive in man; the modus-operandi of all mono, poly, and non-theistic religions; the nature of obsession, human addiction, the everlasting present moment and the true identity of God.


The Black Mirror.  Standing Dead Publications, published 2010.  Philosophy/Psychology book of parable, song and aphoristic expression.


Mind Map: Psychological Topography and an Approach to a New Creative Psychology,

or, the Secret of Happiness.  Standing Dead Publications, published 2010.  Psychology book which reveals the Psychologist’s Philosopher’s stone: how to turn the neurotic into the creative.


Ever Deeper Never Better.  Standing Dead Publications, published 2010.  Allegorical novel revealing moral construction and instinctual relations in American personality.


Time Saw a Fly.  Standing Dead Publications, published 2011.  Psychological novel revealing unconscious processes.


The Tangible Self.  Standing Dead Publications, published 2011.  Psychology book covering topics from obsessive, hysterical and paranoid nosogenesis, to the applied metapsychology of creative function and unconscious access.


Posthumous Verse.  Unpublished book.  Written 2012.  The answer to the existential question made plain in verse.


The Science Fiction Parables and Other Uncomfortable Truths.  Unpublished book.  Written 2012.  Philosophy/Psychology book.  Pointed science fiction and over 500 epigrams and aphorisms aimed at the arrogance of man.


Enough.  Standing Dead Publications, book published 2013.  Psychological novel of both highly poetic and scientific form revealing the process by which experience is assigned value, and so, illustrating the highest hope of man.  Motivation and affective definition made plain.  If experience is subjective… what pain can not be understood to benefit me?



Rich Norman’s short Psychology/Philosophy articles published 2012––abbreviated (please go to the philosophy archive at richnorman.com, or BlogIQ at   http://blog.theultranet.com/ for additional material from 2012–– 2013):


The Exception. Published 2012, The Valley Times.  The reasons relationships decay and how to maintain them.


First Order Existence. Published 2012, The Valley Times.  The structure of modern culture presupposes illness in that it is not possible to embrace a first order existence.


Generation “Y.”  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  Modern personality is based around passivity.  There is a healthy solution to the depressive existential devaluation of experience so endemic to the young.


Hate.  Published 2012, The Valley Times. All instincts are value neutral and can serve the elevation of man.


Necessity’s Idealist.  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  An analysis of idealism reveals this intellectual cancer in daylight.  The flexible and worthy intellect moves against its own presuppositions to find answers, rather than justify problems.


Solitude.  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  The single most destructive influence upon modern man is his avoidance of himself.  In solitude we find the unavoidable answer to our efforts to remain ignorant.


The Black Mirror.  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  A parable of self-knowledge.


The Returning of Gifts.  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  Passive acceptance of unfair treatment is unhealthy.  These “gifts” may best be returned.


The Inverse Cripple.  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  This return to a famous Nietzscheien idea yields much for modern analysis.  We are all inverse cripples.


The Worthy.  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  To confront one’s own nature and see the natural world for what it is yields surprising results.  Who is worthy… man or beast?


My Noontime Happiness.  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  A highly poetic piece of psychological manipulation where the reader is enfolded in a personal vision of natural beauty.  The personal intimacy of words and image function as an antidepressant.


Aphorisms.  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  An aphoristic analysis of the philosophy of perception and the existential validity of subjective experience.


The Dream Temple.  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  A highly image rich description of our relation to our instincts in health and sickness voiced in allegorical terms.


Who Fired Prometheus?  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  Parable of man’s relationship to his own maturity and technology, with psychological undertones of the father complex.


The Priest and the Atheist.  Published 2012, The Valley Times.  A message of true intellectual strength and its role in creating a view of social tolerance unencumbered by the emasculation of social pressures and fearful compromise.


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