Quantum Psychoanalysis

Here…Have a new idea!


Let us prepare to practice a bit of what I call “Ontological Calculus” and say:  That of self (both biographical and feeling states) which is conscious, of conscious personality and the conscious ego, is to be called: “I” –– and that of self which is unconscious, and so denied (repressed) by the conscious ego is to be know as: -(I).


Remember “the sum over paths” hypothesis, Feynman’s most distressing and unintuitive notion? It is often said that all of quantum theory can be derived from the seemingly impossible result born of a single experiment, where wave cancelation patterns which must emerge as a function of interaction between several particles, can be obtained when the particles are fired one at a time.  How can a single particle interfere with itself?  Impossible!  Feynman’s absurd (unintuitive) solution has the scent of the unconscious to it, and indeed we can use the analogy to extrapolate a quantum model of psychoanalysis.  His solution is that every particle simultaneously travels every conceivable pathway, and the manifest result of a single trajectory is a function of the accumulated unobserved pathways acting to cancel each other out, leaving only the manifest result, which is uncanceled.


The problem with such ideas is that one tends to confuse the rule, which is a description, with the fact described, and often the rule becomes real to us, and we seek to manipulate a phantom, and we find either a new perspective, a bit of genius, or perhaps a simple fallacy. Who knows, but the idea comes to mind, that if Feynman is right, then we should be able to build a transporter, and by removing the cancelation of an alternate desired path, and placing a cancelation upon the current undesired manifest path, we can transport a particle to anyplace within the manifest domain!  A transporter like Star Trek!  Just manipulate the quantum structure by removing and creating cancelations.  An illusion, or perhaps a way to manipulate what appeared to be “the rule,” and really change the probabilities.


The process is available to see and articulate as the basic structure of psychoanalysis.  We can use a few simple equations to clearly see how psychoanalysis acts as a psychical quantum transporter, where the modus operandi can be clearly observed, and utilized so as to remove those factors functioning to cancel the manifest outcome of mental health.


Let the dividing line separating numerator from denominator stand for “divided by” as is the norm, but here “divided by unconscious separation.” (This separation into the unconscious is unstable and produces symptoms and or/economic deficit which is a sort of symptom: either the repressed returns, or the repression is economically untenable.  An alternate formulation including the idea of the return of the repressed changes nothing of the result mentioned here, and I will omit it for the clarity of using a single simple equation.)  The numerator is conscious, the denominator unconscious.   The symbol “Sy” will represent a symptomatic structure.  Opposites which form (quantum/psychical) cancelations are set versus one another, and are indicated by the abbreviation “vs.”


1.  Here is the equation representing the “quantum conflict” in the neurosis, an unstable repression forming neurosis. Note how the Symptom path is uncanceled:



–––––––––––––– =  -(Health)

Shame vs. Libido


2.  The heart of the issue creating the manifest (uncanceled) mental illness is the reaction formations leading to the repressions which are symbolized as follows:


(Libido vs. Shame) = neurotic life path.


3. The process of psychoanalysis can be seen as a transient, transformative and often symptomatic process (the transference neurosis) where a new pair cancelation is created to establish a manifest conscious pathway for libido and mental health, by applying an active cancelation to the elements which have instituted the repression.  We place a cancelation against the shame that institutes the repression, and weaken the bond of opposition between the reaction of shame and libido, as symbolized by the question marks surrounding the vs. abbreviation.  Here, perhaps we see the dynamic mechanism of “transport” more clearly than our friends the physicists:




{Psychoanalysis vs. Shame} (?vs.?) Libido


4.  The result of this process, our quantum psychoanalysis, is that we are no longer fractionalized and the need for repression is gone.  We are whole, not a fraction. The ideal goal of psychoanalysis: “All repressions are to be undone” which can be represented by the seemingly paradoxical equation:  I = -(I), can for our specific purposes be stated as the more modest proposition:


Libido = Conscious.


We are now no longer divided, fractionalized no more, and the need for repression is gone.  Now libido is uncanceled and becomes manifest, conscious, the source of healthy life patterns, now free to emerge as the ill formations are canceled by their opposition to the truths of psychoanalysis, which now oppose them and remove the reaction formations (or other resistance) to say “Shame = untrue.”  This permits the following specific reduction of the effect of repressive principle being canceled, which is at the heart of the new cancelation:


{Psychoanalysis vs. Sy}


so we see the Symptom pathway has been canceled. To generalize the result we could say {Psychoanalysis vs. -(Health)}, putting illness and psychoanalysis now as canceling opposites.

Once libido is freed from repression and becomes manifest the processes of sublimation are increased as undifferentiated libidinal energy becomes available for the ego’s uses and health results.  In this way health alone remains manifest, now uncanceled by shame and repression, while those two forces and their result expressed in equations #1 and #2 are in turn canceled by psychoanalysis, which offers a contrary non-symptomatic pathway for disposing of those once fixated energies.  We have transported libido to consciousness and revealed its manifest healthy quantum pathway, while canceling shame, and hence eliminating the pathway for manifest neurosis and neurotic symptoms which are repression dependent.


This work is the sole property of the author, Rich Norman © 2013.