Self-Psychoanalysis Finds Strength

Modern personality is assembled along the lines of a lie of omission.  The idea of male and female personality is a fundamental farce, an error with dire consequences.  The deeply, tragically incomplete people who are in evidence everywhere, are in no small part, made incomplete for lack of this knowledge.  All people, have within them, male and female, passive and active aspects of sexual and general disposition.  In the most general sense:  To be “Male” is to remove from view, to repress most of one’s passive aspects, and in turn, to be “Female” is a culling away into the unconscious most of one’s active, “male” aspects.


Unfortunately, there are consequences to this repressed design of personality: most of one’s energy is spent holding various aspects of one’s self away from view.  We spend most of our energies in isometric self-extinction!  In truth, the right word is not extinction, but repression, for these aspects are never extinguished, but only repressed, and as the word implies, to re-press requires constant effort.  The very ideations themselves which we repress also contain (are invested with) energy, so we waste energy maintaining a repression, and waste more still, by refusing the energetic store of the thoughts which are under repression.  An economic disaster!  The result is less intelligence, less energy––less of every vital thing which makes us, and our lives, valuable.


In the very most simple and general terms: energy, cathexis, libido, is plastic.  By this I mean that it can be thought of as capable of powering any number of ideations.  If we refuse all of the passive (or other elements), we often use “reaction formation,” which is a pairing of an opposite with a drive, a negative addition, a punitive feeling or ideation added as moral reproach, which amounts to self-hate and disgust, that serves to reorient, affectively re-polarize the passive or other “undesirable” elements.  We find around half of our drives and desires to be unacceptable to a male mindset, and repress them, by pairing them with moral reactions like disgust.  Their energies, in many cases, are in the main diverted, reoriented from libidinal lines by way of “regression,” which turns the libido into sadism––the sexuality into hate.  The hate and disgust are then all which remain in consciousness.  We are in this way, unaware of the presence of most of ourselves, and become incomplete, unintelligent, and often, ill for the error.  The false belief that strength is hatred and dominance…that is our male cultural myth.  Men are so very stupid for this assault upon every higher potential in the human pantheon!  How ironic.  To be male is to remove half of one’s self from one’s own view––a sort of manhood by way of unconscious “self-emasculation.”  In this case, it is shame and guilt which become the knife.  In like fashion, women are thusly “emasculated” as well, their “virtues” demand the inverse, stressing all the passive, and excluding active elements from conscious expression.


Self-Psychoanalysis finds strength––through completion of personality.  This is not an angry strength which splinters itself to pieces, so angry and filled with self-hatred, so “Male.”  Oh no.  This is the strength of libido, of unification, of energy which creates!   How splendid is the day, free from all withholding and hatred, free from all doubt and guilt––now all the world is aglow, all of life can warm and fill me, and I it, now and again as a child sees…and knows––everything––Everything… is interesting!  To read a book, on any topic is to find heaven, for the world is changed, a new shadow glows with golden light and we behold the world in wonder and amazement, revealed is this place, ringing and alive to know––everything is new––everything is alive within me, and I within it––the universe is my own and I can not resist her!  The entire of creation fills and is filled by the union, of inner and outer, of within and without, of heat and cool, for nothing is opposite, but now and again, the circle complete and ever flowing––a river knows and licks the shore to happiness and bloom––now and forever the world alive and knowing, complete and fragile, perfect and weeping to behold––everything.  This is the meaning, of these thin words: Self-Psychoanalysis finds strength.


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––Rich Norman